Ixist aka Akshay Radia’s journey has been one of perpetual self-discovery and innovation which he shares with his audience through his music. Discovering hip hop at a young age, he began rapping when he was 11 years old while listening to legends such as Nas, Atmosphere, Outkast and others. Since then his pursuit has been unremitting and beginning in the early 2000s Ixist has featured and performed in over 500 shows in stadiums, auditoriums and clubs around the world.
As an artist, Ixist has a holistic approach to life and music with his art resonating with his beliefs and way of life. Dealing with the quintessential questions of the nature of one’s existence, truth and art, his versatility is exceptional drawinginspiration from old school and new school hip hop with elements of funk, reggae,spoken word and R&B. His lyrical content expands upon a broad range of topics with his technical prowess making his music, one of a kind.
Ixist is also actively involved in the rural sector while connecting with nature in
his role as an agriculturist and is an advocate for agroecology and permaculture, working tirelessly to bring forth sustainability in the rural agricultural sector.



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